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3D anaglyph photos

I found some instructions for making 3D anaglyphs (the pictures you need to wear glasses with different-colored lenses to see) on Photoshop here, so this has become my latest nerdy hobby (you PC users can also use the free program Callipygian 3D to make 3D pictures--see the instructions here). To view these you need 3D glasses, but you can get a free pair from this company by sending in a self-addressed stamped envelope (they won't record your address to put you on a mailing list or anything--I emailed them and asked about this, to allay my mom's worries). Just make sure that in your note you ask for a pair of red/cyan glasses, not red/blue glasses, 'cause you need the amazing powers of CYAN to see color anaglyphs. Besides my page, 3D glasses come in handy for seeing a bunch of other stuff on the web, like some of the pictures from the Mars rovers...I've listed a few of these pages in the "3D links" section at the bottom.

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